Here Are Four Mistakes To Avoid When You Store Potable Water

17 March 2016
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Water is something that every human needs. If there is a natural disaster or some other kind of emergency where your water supply is threatened, you will need to call on any reserves you have. That's why it's a good idea to store water on your own property. However, it can be easy to make some mistakes that could cause problems when you need the water. Here are four mistakes that you might be making.

Using the Wrong Vessels

One of the most important things you can do when you store your water is to use the proper container. Your first impulse might be to use large plastic containers, but bear in mind that some types of plastic cause the water to contain phthalates BPA, endocrine disruptors which can be harmful to your health over time. To avoid these problems, you may choose to use glass containers for your water. It is also important to use water containers of varying sizes.

There are also industrial-sized tanks you can use to store your water. However, if you choose these tanks, it is vital that you are sure that the land where you plan to put the tanks is stable and strong. The weight of the water and the tanks may cause sinking to occur. 

Whatever kind of containers you use, ensure that you check them on a regular basis for leaks.

Storing Containers Near the Window

You might not think too much about your water after you've put it in the garage or basement, but it is important that you don't put the containers in the path of sunlight by putting them near the windows. Sunlight, because of its heat, can warm the water, making it a friendly environment to bacteria. Instead, keep your water away from the windows and in cooler places on your property.

Filling Containers to the Top

In order to save as much water as you can, you might want to fill all the water containers to the top. However, you must remember that water expands when it freezes; in the winter, if the water freezes, it may crack the container and then leak out when it melts again. Avoid this by leaving some air at the top of every container.

Storing Too Little Water

A common mistake made when storing water is to not realize how much water every person in your family will need. Public Safety Canada suggests about four litres for every person for every day.

If you can manage to avoid the mistakes laid out in this article, you will have drinking water when you need it. Take a look at your stored water regularly so you are sure that you'll have it during an emergency. Contact a business, such as water delivery by Scott'S Water Service (2006) Ltd, for more information.