3 Helpful Wedding Reception Catering Tips

24 March 2016
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Have you decided to hire a catering service for your wedding reception to make things easier? Although a catering service will be able to handle a lot of work on your behalf, you will still have to help with planning how they will serve your guests. This article will give you tips that can make the process of making menu plans for a caterer to serve your guests an easier task.

1. Set a Firm Budget

Before you can make any plans with a caterer or find one that you desire, you must first have a good idea of how much money you want to spend. When you have a firm budget, it will make the rest of the catering planning process go a lot smoother because you will be able to eliminate the catering services that are priced over your budget. You can then base the type of food that will be served at the wedding reception on the types of caterers that are priced within your budget.  

2. Determine How Guests Will Be Served

It is important for to have an idea of how you want your guests to be served. For instance, you might want to consider a seated reception in which guests are served at their tables if you want to keep track of how much food is available. A seated reception will allow you to make sure that everyone at your reception is able to get food before it runs out. If your budget is not an issue, you can opt for a buffet that allows your guests to serve themselves. You might actually save money by opting for a buffet because the caterers will not have to perform the extra task of bringing plates of food to the tables.

3. Request a Taste Test

If you want to make sure that you are satisfied with what is served at your wedding reception, you can request to taste samples of food from the catering companies that you are considering. After the tastes tests are done, you can pick the caterer of your choice and come up with a menu for your reception. Keep in mind that the caterers may also be able to add additional food items to the menu as a special request, but it depends on who is hired. Get in touch with a caterer (such as Conestoga Place catering services) to start planning a menu for your wedding reception.