Planning Healthy, Festive Meals For A Group

5 February 2018
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When you're celebrating a festive occasion, it is so easy to get caught up with attractive, delicious dishes that you lose track of the added pounds. That's not to mention the harm you can cause your body by eating a sugary, high-calorie, fatty diet.

Healthy eating seems almost impossible when you're intending to celebrate. So how do you plan healthy meals for a group, when so many recipes include fats, or when traditional family dishes contain too many preserves? The dietary guidelines to follow should include items from the six food groups: staples, vegetables, fruits, legumes, fats, and food from animals.


Staples include starchy foods like rice, pasta, cereals, and breads. Instead of using regular pasta to make that holiday lasagna, why not try whole wheat? The fiber from wheat keeps you fuller for a longer period of time and does not contain as many calories as white or processed flour.


Vegetables are very good for you. Incorporating vegetables in your holiday dishes will add much-needed nutrients.  A bowl of eggplant parmesan can be prepared by steaming the vegetables and flavoring with natural seasoning.


Apples, strawberries, oranges, pears, and other fruits provide vitamins, fiber, and phytochemicals.  The latter is responsible for reducing the risk of developing certain diseases. You can cut fresh fruits into festive shapes, plate them on a nice platter, and place them on your dining table for people to snack on.


Legumes, which include peas and beans, are very high in fiber.. Try a meal of curried pigeon peas, which uses fresh seasonings, spices, and curry powder to add that Caribbean flavor. Try to avoid preservatives, ketchups, and margarine. These will add flavor to your dishes, but in the long run, they can leave you with a hefty doctor's bill!

Fats and Foods from Animals

Foods from animals include meats, milks, cheese, and yogurts. A healthy dish of baked lemon chicken can be a welcoming addition to your holiday table.  Choose the leg or the breast to bake instead of the thigh, since these are the leaner parts of the chicken. Also try to limit fatty foods in general from your menu.

When you are planning great meals for your group, remember to eat healthy. Get in touch with contract food service teams that know the value of providing food that is both tasty and balanced. Everyone will be better off for it.